Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Winter Fun

Free to Use & Public Domain Snowman Clip Art - Page 2
When winter weather hits, it’s hard to find any motivation to get moving. It’s the time of year bundle up, drink hot cocoa and cuddle up by the fire with loved ones. Learners shared their experiences on winter season and favorite thing of this season like cozy blankets, hot chocolate milk, soup, dates etc. etc. Learners demonstrated their understanding by making winter sheet.

Which Is Your Favorite Season ? ? ?

Learners were given an opportunity to come out of their shell and interact more not only with the peer but also with the teachers, students and family members by conducting a survey on the favorite seasons and knowing the reasons why it is favorite for them. The learning engagement was enjoyed by the kids and helped in gathering information about seasons, specialties in the terms of food we eat and clothes we wear in the particular season.

Winter Season

Moving a step ahead towards learning and inquiring about next season learners have gained knowledge about cold winters by sharing their experiences of having hot chocolate milk, soup and wearing scarf, socks, jackets just getting protected against cold waves. Kids shared  their favourite things of winter seasons like santa, receiving gifts, enjoying winter vacations in their warm cozy blankets, snowman, special fruit and veggies of winters etc.
Every season has its own tints and shades and so as the winter. Learners shared their sour experience about this season that mom doesn't allow them to go for cycle riding due to cold waves.
Learners displayed their understanding on different season by making their season booklet reflecting food and clothing habits as per the season.

Get-Set-Go . . . .

Students showed enthusiastic approach towards  learning and their natural interest in transportation which they experienced by playing a game with their peers, ‘Get-Set-Go’ to find a suitable transport for moving from one place to another. The activity clued their prior understanding about the vehicles and their modes.

Field visit to the Boating Club

Further the journey of their exploration about the theme added a surprise and it was the field visit to the boating club for which they travelled by bus to reach the destination for giving answer to their own queries that without conveyance we cannot move from one place to another and get supply of food and other essentials for our survival.

Bollywood Theme Party

!!We came as strangers and leave as friends!!

Ahha!! It has been a winsome journey, wherein learners got acquainted with the new school atmosphere, learned lot of new things and have developed strong peer relationship. On last day we had a bollywood theme party to have some pleasing moments with our budding flowers, who will very soon be going to KGI. Kids enjoyed a sharing party with their friends. They tapped their feet on their favourite songs. It was an entertaining and fun filled day. Tiny tots will be missed and we will always cherish the lovely memories with them.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Rainy Fun

In addition to our learning and inquiring about seasons learners have moved up their steps to the next season which catches the fancy of the children as well as adults. Learners shared their experiences of how they get scared by lightning and thundering and how happy they feel while carrying umbrellas and wearing raincoats. They really wonder to know how their shadow disappears in a gloomy day and the blue sky turns into grey due to rainy clouds. Splashing in water is the favorite act which they love to do in rains.

Tiny tots enjoyed their sharing session and enthusiastically demonstrated their understanding by making rainy sheet.